Access ancestral methods... to live your inner encounter

Ancestral techniques

Access ancestral methods… to live your inner encounter Pranayamas, Meditation, Dhyana, Yoga, Asanas, Mantras… the philosophy of HATAHE takes its essence from these original practices, where it was as natural to feel your body and its energy as for us today to take a taxi. Our programs are based on these ancestral foundations which have guided people for millennia, proving their worth. We didn’t invent anything. But our secret is to source these rituals and techniques to reintroduce them into our daily lives, in their original form. And today, our mission is to pass them on to you. Our ancestors understood this. They had the ability to explore their inner world, as we know today to explore our outer world. What if it was time to meet again? To live our inner encounter, to unlock new stages of our evolution and open the way to our true potential…

Pranayama, the breath of life

Pranayama, from the Sanskrit term “Prana” which means energy, and “ayama” which means extension, represents the control of the breath or the extension of Prana: the source of life. Pranayamas come to us from India, around 6000 years ago, and are one of the pillars of yoga. It is the 4th of the 8 branches that make up the teachings of Yoga. Pranayamas are traditional breathing techniques that aim to purify all the nadis (energy network) and thus allow a better flow of energy in the energy body. Breathing and breath clearly promote the lifting of all emotional or physical blockages that hinder our balance of life. Breathing influences thoughts. A round trip is then created between thought and breath: the breath calms the thought and the thought slows down the breath. From there, were born the first forms of meditation where the control of the breath allows the control of the mind. To consciously connect to your breath is to connect to yourself.

Meditation, the door to our inner world

The art of meditation is about 4000 years old. Meditation is a mental exercise that involves concentration and awareness. Our Spirit is pure by nature. But our daily lives are hectic and sometimes it’s about bringing our minds a bubble in which to land. This work of regulating attention consists of bringing it back to the present moment and a single object of concentration – whether it be the breath, a mantra, a chakra, feelings of love, of benevolence, or whatever. or else (external or internal, real or imaginary). We guide our mind to let go. Each time the mind wanders, the exercise consists of bringing it back to the present moment through the object of concentration. 5 main types of meditation exist: guided meditation, mindfulness, transcendental meditation, Kundalini and Pranayamas, which come in hundreds – if not thousands of meditation subtypes! Meditating is observing, without judgment, the functioning of our mind in order to discern the thoughts that harm our inner peace and to free ourselves from them. To meditate is also and above all to act. To meditate is to train your mind to decide and not to submit to your environment.

Yoga, the science of the human being


Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “yuj”, which means to join, to unify… To unite into an integral whole is the very essence of yoga. The union between the Jeevatma, the individual soul and the Paramatma, the universal soul – between the individual energy and the universal energy. It is a real science of the human being whose 4 main forms give us access to self-awakening. A path on which HATAHE guides you to balance the being, from the inside out. Bhakti yoga: yoga of devotion, of faith. Karma yoga: yoga of action. Jnana yoga: yoga of knowledge. Raja yoga: royal yoga declined in 8 stages, 8 branches: Yamas, Niyamas, Asanas, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi…

Everything starts from you…

We seek to be good with others, whereas we must begin by being good with ourselves. The quality of relationships will be a consequence of the relationship we have with ourselves. At HATAHE, we are convinced that you cannot transform the outer world if you do not know how to transform your inner world. You have to adapt and evolve your inner world if you want to act on the outside, be something on the outside, live differently on the outside. There is no point in learning, learning and learning. Knowledge is a potential of power. Without action this potential will not be activated. We need to understand, assimilate, act, fail, try again, embody our beliefs in action, then pass it on!

You are your own and most wonderful starting point!

Free your potential