Being fabulous at 40 or 50: recipes that work

Be as radiant at 40 or 50 as at 20? Of course it is possible! “Forty is the new thirty” as they so rightly say! Yet when a young girl is asked to talk about her future forties, she often finds herself in front of a whiteboard. Not really knowing what to write… It’s as if the “end of the world” sign was waiting around the corner. After having swallowed higher education, professional career, acquisition of housing, love and family life. And after: what?

Except that… we are surrounded by fifty-somethings who make you think: Estelle Lefébure (56 years old), Gwyneth Paltrow (49 years old), Cameron Diaz (50 years old), Jennifer Aniston (53 years old), etc…

Not to mention our Tops who continue to parade, electrifying the public! Naomi Campbell (53 years old), Carla Bruni (55 years old in December), Cindy Crawford (56 years old), Helena Christensen (53 years old) and Claudia Schiffer (52 years old), and other models-stars of the 90s.

They are bursting with energy, have a body to die for, lead an exciting life, in short: they rock! But how do they do it? Well, if you haven’t already, taking care of yourself is the best way to prevent “breakdowns” of any kind over the age of 40.

This means, among other things, paying attention to your diet (no, eating chips is not without consequences…), getting a good night’s sleep and taking advantage of all the opportunities to secrete endorphins! So save space and time for activities you enjoy like sports (and sex!) and good times with friends.

Have regular physical activity

It is not because you are 40 or 50 that you have less desire and energy to continue (or start) to practice a sport intensely. However, this is often the moment when bones and joints start to make you feel that you are no longer 20 and that you need more time to recover from physical exertion.

The solution ? Lengthen the warm-up and cool-down phases and favor exercises that solicit deep muscles to prevent injuries. Endurance activities are particularly indicated at an age when the metabolism tends to slow down, such as Pilates or Qi gong which strengthen balance.


Watch your diet

Whether it’s the hormonal consequences of aging (menopause, prostate problems), slowing of the metabolism, a general drop in energy or difficulty falling asleep, at 40 or 50, the inconveniences associated with age spares no one. One of the rules for staying in shape is to adopt (or keep) a healthy diet.

Eliminate fast food and industrial ready meals from your daily life! They only act as bad fuel, caloric but not providing the nutritional elements essential to health. And will have no other effect than to deteriorate your physical and emotional balance.

This does not mean banishing all “sweetness” from your palate: for example dark chocolate (organic if possible) is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and serotonin which will lift your mood.

It is also recommended to (re-)integrate fermented foods (from yogurts to pickles) into your daily diet. Not only do they promote digestion, but some have unsuspected virtues going as far as preventing cardiovascular diseases. Even, like edamame, the reduced risk of osteoporosis and hot flashes.

Choose the right food supplements

Start with Omega 3 supplementation if your diet does not provide enough or regularly: these essential fatty acids protect and maintain neurons and memory.

Digestive enzyme capsules are also recommended because the body naturally slows its production as we age. Those based on milk thistle are interesting because this plant with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties also improves metabolism (liver function) and promotes “good” cholesterol.


Take time for yourself

The quarantine is generally the most intense period of life: professional career, passions and family life are often the most intense at this time. But this “external wealth” can also come at the expense of inner serenity resulting in low energy or health concerns.

This is the best time to complement your yogic routine with positions conducive to physical recovery. Help yourself with cushions for the child’s pose “balasana”. For example: do four in a square lying in the center and hold the pose for 4 to 8 minutes. Then, lie on your back and elevate your legs to a square against a wall for 4 to 8 minutes. For those who are ready to go further, add moments of guided meditation, many apps are now available.

Take care of your skin

For those whose beauty routine was already well established, the transition to quarantine should be easy. Otherwise, you may feel like you’re going through the effects of years of sun exposure and polluted air in a rushed version.

The skin begins to lose a lot of its elasticity and will also tend to dry out more quickly due to the loss of collagen.

It is time to prefer nourishing day creams and get into the habit of nourishing your skin with masks adapted to your needs, in particular to repair and firm the epidermis.



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