Energy, the raw material of self-confidence

Energy is our fuel, it is what helps us to transform our desires into actions while being physically and mentally present! It is the engine of self-confidence.

A necessity to lead a life in which we achieve the things that really make us vibrate! Self-confidence is essential in our personal development. But she is weak… How to regain it when the obstacles of life have damaged or destroyed it?


Let’s put the right words first: what is self-confidence?

It is the experience of knowing that we can face the challenges of everyday life. It’s having confidence in your ability to think, learn, make choices, make decisions, adapt to change, etc.

But it’s also being aware of who we are, of the things and people who do us good and those who, on the contrary, do not allow us to be the best version of ourselves. Self-confidence is having dreams that you believe in, but also knowing that you are capable of achieving them.

Because as Martin Luther King said: “Believe in your dreams and maybe they will come true. Believe in yourself and they will surely come true. » What makes this experience special is that for it to be lasting, it must not be based on the esteem that others have for us but on the esteem that we have for ourselves. And it is this element that makes self-confidence particularly difficult to obtain. … and which requires energy. Without energy, we cannot put in place what we want in the long term.

And we do not reach this life full of joy and achievements! Who nevertheless reaches out to us. Energy should be one of the most important things to think about every day, every decision, every action.


Think endurance and long term, rather than sprint and short term…

But how to increase your energy permanently to best meet the demands of our busy daily lives?

There is an essential element to this, it is the will. But we must first understand that there are 4 types of energy whose good management conditions well-being, motivation, and of course self-confidence:

– physical energy

– mental energy

– emotional energy

– motivational energy

Let’s go into detail…


1. Physical energy

It is the basic energy that we all need to move around and practice physical activities and sports in general.


2. Mental Energy

It is part of human DNA! It is what defines our thirst for learning, for discovering the world, for constantly opening our brains to new knowledge, new encounters, new projects, new places.

If we continually do the same things without variation, the level of mental energy tends to drop and weariness takes over. Bringing something new, opening your mind to new things, is gaining mental energy. How ?

By continuing to train, to develop your skills, by meeting new people, by reading books on new subjects, by going to an unknown country, an unusual place… by going off the beaten track! The possibilities are endless, they just depend on one element: the will.

The will to change something in his life and to be ready to modify his habits for it. The benefits will also be endless! In work, in social relations, in the family, and in the couple, etc.


3. Emotional Energy

The one that comes straight from the heart. Very often loaded, it conceals all the responsibilities that we carry within us, the frustrations, the misunderstandings, the anger that we keep within ourselves. And which are the source, for many, of lack of confidence, self-esteem and self-affirmation.

By developing self-knowledge, we manage to lighten ourselves, transform our negative emotions, sources of stress and anxiety, into positive emotions, sources of happiness, joy and motivation!


4. Motivational Energy

This very powerful energy, which comes from afar, from the guts, from within!
The one that helps us to answer quite simply, to our why in life. To face the storms but also the energy which empties us, which wears us out physically and mentally in the long term, so much does it draw from us…
It is therefore the combination and the good management of these 4 energies, which allow us to find balance… and confidence. There are many techniques to strengthen these energies on a daily basis.
By breathing, by sleep, by food, by physical exercise, by the entourage we choose to rub shoulders with… Techniques that we develop in our training. With motivation comes energy, and with energy comes drive, productivity and results!

Free your potential