Is sex education happening today on Instagram?

Is Instagram today more than just a network for sharing and posting holiday photos? And this is also true in the field of sex education.

In recent years, the social network has become a place where thousands of teenagers and young adults can learn about sexuality. It is a place where people can express themselves freely, particularly on female pleasure.

All questions are allowed and they fly. Pleasure, risks, prohibitions, advice: there are no taboos, everything is discussed.

In the absence of sufficient education on sexuality at home or in secondary school, the young generation comes to find its answers on Instagram.

A preferred source of information on sexuality for 15-24 year olds

Social networks and especially Instagram are now an endless source for our teenagers – ahead of parents and health professionals.

Why is that? Because they feel much freer, much more anonymous to express themselves. And they often find all the answers. The ease of access to information is there.

This is why a number of accounts dedicated to the subject have been created, and are thus becoming a free forum for exchange and information.

@jemenbatsleclito, @tasjoui, @mashasexplique, @sexysoucis,, @wi_cul_pedia, @gangduclito, @lafaqdecamille… The names are clear! And most of these accounts have hundreds of thousands of followers.

They take on the role of the – mostly female – super confidante, the “big sister” to whom you can say anything, ask anything…

The tone is relaxed, and the advice is given in writing, on video or in the form of illustrations. The forms change but the message remains the same: sex education must be benevolent, positive and without judgment.

This change is a real revolution! But as always, there is a risk that it will get out of hand…


Sex education should not drift down the path of porn…

For several years, Instagram has been implementing increasingly strict rules regarding nudity and sexual images. At the risk of seeing one’s account shadow banned by the social network.

But is this censorship effective? Is it a way to cultivate a family-friendly and respectable image?

The question arises! Because sexuality is everywhere… it only takes a few clicks to find it.

For social networks, the question of sexuality is explosive, with official discourse and rules of use clashing with usage.

In any case, when it comes to sex education, Pandora’s box has been opened…

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