A method finally adapted to our hectic lifestyles


Our Life Rhythms

A method finally adapted to our frantic life rhythms

We won’t all end up (a priori!) as a well-being guru in India, a Yogi in Bali or a monk in Tibet, but we all choose today to live a balanced life, to return to the essence of our being, to reconnect with our inner world, to unlock new stages of our evolution. And to move towards our true potential…

The society in which we live sometimes does not leave us time to live in the present moment, because we always have to think about tomorrow, to anticipate, to program… without appreciating the value of the moment.

The boundary between private and professional life has become blurred

It imposes a rhythm on us that we have not necessarily chosen. Time is becoming compressed, with private and professional lives where the boundary has become diluted.

We are neither our memories of the past, nor our projections of the future. We are just us, right here, right now. With countless keys in our hands, ready to open doors, but which we no longer see…

At HATAHE, our goal is to accompany you towards a balanced life between your different outer worlds and your inner world.

A balance between a lively social life, an abundant professional life and an awakening – that which, deep inside you, will allow you to find meaning in your life.

How many of us are constantly aware that time is passing far too quickly, that it is slipping away! That we are constantly running from one place to another, from one person to another, from one task to another. The problem is not the quantity of these elements but the fact that we are no longer aware of them, that we do not enjoy them, that we do not really live them. The problem is that we no longer leave our rightful place to our inner world, the one that is awake, that knows what is good for us.

This is why the HATAHE programmes were created: to bring you the knowledge and the necessary keys to unlock your stages of personal transformation.

Become master of your time, creator of your life and decision maker of your choices

Our method has the unique vocation of helping you evolve, by integrating all these parameters of life, which influence and condition your environment.

Our objective is above all to open your mind, to give you back confidence in yourself and your potential, and to give you the tools to better manage your relationships, your emotions, your aspirations in order to live the life you want…

If everything has been thought out and validated by science and experience, one thing is up to you: the will.

The will to develop yourself…

The will is the starting point to be guided on the path of personal transformation. Learn ancestral techniques that have proven their worth, appropriate them under the guidance of people with extraordinary life paths, put them into practice in our busy daily lives, and change our habits in depth to change ourselves.

Personal development is above all a path…

A path of evolution that awaits you.

But sometimes, even if we know exactly what to do, we don’t do it. That’s why we’re here. To help you anchor daily rituals that lead you to balance.

Free your potential