HATAHE, a certified method for professional training

HATAHE revolutionises the codes of learning,

HATAHE offers a completely innovative educational path,

HATAHE respects the processes of professional pedagogy based on the criteria of the Qualiopi quality reference system.

Our conviction is complete: the pedagogy of knowledge is obsolete, long live the pedagogy of experience! Happiness and balance are the basis of all freedom.

This is how we want the world to evolve!

La Méthode HATAHE.

HATAHE est la symbiose de pratiques ancestrales, d’une méthode scientifique et de rituels développés et pratiqués par des gens ordinaires, aux parcours de vie EXTRAordinaires.

Tout part de là : 90% de nos pensées sont identiques à celles de la veille. Le constat est sans appel ! C’est ainsi que notre cerveau fonctionne.

Comment fonctionne une habitude ?

Le processus est très simple : un signal – à savoir un contexte qui déclenche le cerveau et choisit l’habitude liée à ce contexte, engendre une routine – réponse enclenchée en autopilote : action physique, réflexion mentale, ou réaction émotionnelle, et conduit à une récompense : besoin satisfait retenu par le cerveau pour la prochaine fois.

5% seulement de notre cerveau correspondent au cerveau conscient et gèrent ce qui se rapporte à la logique et au raisonnement pour faire évoluer nos connaissances et nos compétences.

Le cerveau subconscient représente quant à lui 95% ! Il régit le comportement et les habit

The HATAHE Method.

HATAHE is the symbiosis of ancestral practices, a scientific method and rituals developed and practiced by ordinary people with EXTRAordinary life paths.

Everything starts from there: 90% of our thoughts are identical to those of the day before. The observation is indisputable! This is how our brain works.

How does a habit work?

The process is very simple: a signal – i.e. a context that triggers the brain and selects the habit linked to this context, generates a routine – response triggered on autopilot: physical action, mental reflection, or emotional reaction, and leads to a reward: a satisfied need retained by the brain for the next time.

Only 5% of our brain is the conscious brain, which deals with logic and reasoning to develop our knowledge and skills.

The subconscious brain accounts for 95%! It governs behaviour and habits… That’s all there is to it!

des… C’est tout dire..!

How do you change an ingrained habit?

We at HATAHE have created the solution! It’s simple but revolutionary. And it takes 30 MINUTES of your daily time. 30 MINUTES a day to transform your life.

It’s a big promise, but it will change you profoundly, in 30 minutes a day for 21 days: the time needed to anchor these new habits and finally change your thoughts – and therefore your life.

30 minutes out of 24 hours, 30 minutes out of 1440 minutes… What’s that?

What is it to acquire new knowledge and new habits? What is it to transform your life and finally develop the potential that lies within you?

What we offer you in 21 days is a real protocol for anchoring chosen habits:

7 days to learn: discover new beliefs and new knowledge.

7 days to practice: apply this new knowledge.

7 days to become: acquire a new value system and new, completely chosen habits.

>> Transformation is at hand, and your energy is at its peak!

Finding balance in a world that is not: this is the challenge for mankind today. And this is what the HATAHE school of thought is based on.

Achieving a balance between a happy mind MIND, a fulfilled personal and professional life LIFE, and a healthy body BODY.

Professional training in personal development for your teams

Imagine the challenges within your company!

The keys to a professionally fulfilled team lie in the development of interpersonal skills and interpersonal knowledge.

A personal development training course is therefore an excellent initiative on the part of companies to help each of their employees evolve in their careers. It allows them to know themselves, to assert themselves, to manage their emotions, to develop constructive relationships and to reinvent themselves and evolve professionally.

The benefits for the company are multiple, starting with having human resources that are better able to meet the challenges of a constantly changing world.

Free your potential