The importance of mindset to change habits

Personal development generally helps to change your mindset – to move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. Behavior, whatever it is, is linked to beliefs that we have. These come from our upbringing, the environment in which we grew up, the life experiences that have happened to us and a need to be filled. Changing behavior involves modifying beliefs and revising needs. Beliefs are the very essence of our behaviors. We then speak of limiting beliefs to qualify the beliefs that we have and which prevent us from passing milestones, which prevent us from evolving. These are the ones that we must deconstruct, to anchor new habits chosen and decided.


What ritual to start the day off right and condition yourself for change?

The HATAHE technique of 3 x “20 minutes”:

20 minutes of Movement

What causes dopamine release, serotonin release reduces cortisol and burns fat 20 minutes of Reflection

This can take the form of a daily journal, meditation or self-affirmations

20 minutes of Growth

Ask yourself questions such as: How to increase my income, my expertise in several areas? How can I train and find new tools?


What is Neurohacking?

The power to optimize your mind, brain and body…

The age of neurohacking has never been more powerful than it is today. The codes of our conscious experience are evolving into a new “normal”.

The integral model for cognitive and emotional well-being revolves around 4 main axes: Mind, Body, Relationships and Environment.


1/ Develop your MIND through practices that contribute to the quality of thought itself:

Meditation, gratitude exercises, writing, music or less common: neurolinguistic programming. Our perception of reality is then detached from the subjective view that we have of ourselves.


2/ Take care of your BODY through physical practices that have a positive influence on the mind

Sleep with quality sleep, good nutrition, daily physical exercise! Attention to everything related to the body lays the foundation for an energized life and optimal health to then balance other areas.
3/ Work on your social RELATIONSHIPS:
Man is a social animal. Our experiences and behaviors are influenced by those around us and our relationships more than anything else. We always act in order to create a resonance with the people around us! The aphorism that we are “the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with” is confirmed by fundamental truths. Working on his social relationships fully contributes to his life balance.

The environment obviously intersects with all aspects of our daily experience of the work of body, mind and social relationships.

But that includes our air quality, our sleeping conditions, the lighting in our homes, our attention to interior design aesthetics, and our ability to get out of our way and get out of our comfort zone.


Neurohacking is for everyone…

Even if the word can be scary, the meanings of neurohacking are multiple and everyone can find a meaning that speaks to them. You don’t need to be a science expert to understand and take control of your daily happiness and personal development.

Note that the majority of the practices mentioned above are accessible at low cost or even free! Moreover, neurohacking is found in a wide range of cultural expressions, while being independent of lifestyle and technology.

In this sense, neurohacking is not so much a culture as an experience optimization framework applicable to almost all areas of life. And that determines our mindset. To go further, discover our method based on neuroscience.

Free your potential