Why is micro-napping essential?

A beautiful white sandy beach, a hammock set up in the shade of palm trees… a Ukulele tune in the background? This is more or less the image we have of the siesta, or micro-sieste, in France!

Well, okay. We exaggerate! But we’re not that far off…

While the micro-nap is considered to be a life-saver in many countries around the world, it is struggling to find its place in France.

Often denigrated or tolerated only in the context of holidays, it is sacrificed on the altar of work. Dreaded by the youngest, adored by the oldest, the practice of napping is still too stigmatised in France and especially in the professional world.

Wrongly so… The place of the nap is essential.

At HATAHE, we offer 3 types of nap:

– The Micro-Nap (on average 10 minutes)
– The Power Nap (on average 30 minutes)
– The King /Queen Nap (on average 1h30)

It is high time to rehabilitate it!

A successful night means having the spirit and energy to succeed in the day that follows, and a successful day, by filling it up properly, means preparing for a restful night. Easy to say, you may ask!

And yet, it is never too late to set up this real virtuous circle, which our programme can help you find. When deep, regenerating and protective sleep is scarce, as is often the case in our fast-paced lives… Taking a nap seems to be a solution, an ally of choice.

What sleep has not been able to repair during the night, the nap can do so, if we give it time, of course!

Find out more about our SLEEP training course to help you sleep, and to be full of energy. This training was designed in partnership with Dr François Duforez & the European Sleep Center.


The benefits of micro-naps

A micro-nap is a victory over sleep debt. This debt can be calculated using a sleep test.
If we told you that 10 or 20 minutes of sleep at lunchtime can make you recover 2 hours of your sleep debt. NASA conducted a study showing that a 26-minute nap improves reaction time by 34%, but also performance and alertness, memory and creativity.
Micro-naps also help to reduce stress, the risk of accidents and absenteeism, the risk of heart attacks and improve the general mood…
Where do we sign?


The era of the micro-nap has arrived! So, are you ready to become a napper?

In China, napping is written into the constitution. They take a 15 to 30 minute nap almost every day. They call it “shui wu jiao” – literally “midday sleep”.
So now we can do something about it. Take back control of our sleep, to take back control of our lives. From the position of the body, to the duration, to the time of day… the art of napping follows well-defined protocols. And if we told you that by respecting a few rules, we can get our body used to the micro-nap.

The secret is practice: practice, practice, and more practice.
This is what we call The Power of Habits, and more precisely it is neuroplasty. In neuroscience, it is explained that a habit is a frequently used neural pathway. And the more you nap, the more you benefit!
Relaxation techniques to control falling asleep, dissipation of sleep inertia for a quality awakening, are part of our sleep programme.
Implementing these rituals in your daily life, introducing these new routines, and thus discovering or re-discovering the benefits of napping, is to ensure that you effectively fight against sleep debt and slow wave sleep, naturally and in depth.
The nap has the attributes of sleep, without having the stature. It is, so to speak, pocket sleep. And let’s not forget that you have to know how to sleep in order to be able to stay awake…!

Free your potential