These general conditions of sale and use apply to the use of the HATAHE website accessible at the address as well as to all the services offered there by the HATAHE & CO Company.

Any Customer registering undertakes to respect them in their entirety and without the possibility of derogating from them for any reason whatsoever.


The terms below, when written with a capital letter, have the meaning given to them in these definitions for all the General Conditions of Sale and Use of the site Speaker(s): All of HATAHE’s training partners and Experts, referenced on the site and carrying out an activity independent of that of HATAHE, whose contact details are accessible on the site.

Client(s): Any user, natural or legal person who connects to the site, browses, reads, orders, and or purchases a service offered by a trainer or an expert, who interacts with the Chat, who contacts customer service by phone or email in order to use one of the services offered by the site.

The use of the services is open to any natural person, major and capable, or any legal person.

Minors whose age is between 16 and 18 subject to obtaining the agreement of their parent.

Conditions, General Conditions, Conditions of Use, General Conditions of Use, General Conditions of Sale: Refer to these general conditions of use.

Training(s): training provided by a trainer or an expert in order to provide knowledge or technical elements.

Documentation: Information of purely informative value, published on the site, such as articles, or summary guides.

Customer Data: Information transmitted by a customer to HATHAE for the purpose of using a service after completing an online form on the site, interacting with Chat, or contacting a manager by phone or email.

Form(s): Questionnaire created by HATAHE, and completed by the customer.

Service(s): Any provision of services offered and provided by the site to customers of the site.

Site: The website accessible at the address whose infrastructure was developed by HATAHE & CO according to the computer formats usable on the Internet including data of different kinds, and in particular texts, sounds , fixed or animated images, videos, databases, intended to be consulted by the user. User(s): Natural or legal person who visits a page of the site.

These General Conditions of Use apply, without restriction or reservation, to all users and to all services, existing or future, accessible by customers of the site. HATAHE & CO reserves the right to modify these conditions at any time by posting the modified conditions on the site.

Any connection to the site is subject to compliance with these conditions.


1.1 The service is a marketplace for providing Training and Courses covering a variety of themes and provided by our partner Trainers and Experts. The site offers access to a training library covering the field of well-being and development and personal support. HATAHE & CO cannot be held responsible, in any way, for the content of the training courses offered or their suitability for the purpose sought by the client. The customer remains the sole master of the training he chooses, and the use he wishes to make of it.

1.2 The company is a training organization. It exercises a training activity but does not deliver any expertise in any of the areas covered, and therefore cannot in any case provide personalized advice to its Clients. On the contrary, HATAHE & CO reminds its Customers that it is up to them to assess the relevance of the training selected in relation to the chosen purpose.


2.1 Customer registration Registration for the service is open to any natural person, major and capable, or any legal person. However, minors between 16 and 18 years old will be able to benefit from the services offered by the site subject to validation by one of their parents or legal guardian. In the event of registration fraud by a minor pretending to be an adult, parents cannot seek any liability from the company HATAHE & CO for access to the site to their minor child. The customer can register directly by mentioning his email address and a password.

In addition, the company reserves the right to take legal action and seek damages against any person who has tried to cheat, deceive, or fraudulently use the company’s services, or generate advantages or profits. fraudulently or unfairly.

2.2 Information on the identifier and the connection A customer who opens an account on the site and, who thereby accepts the T&Cs/T&Cs described herein, is the holder of this account and has access to it via an identifier. and a password, chosen by the customer. This password can be modified in the Account Settings interface by the customer on his personal account. The username/password combination is strictly personal. It is therefore up to the customer to guarantee the maintenance of the confidentiality of this combination allowing him access to the service. In the event of loss and/or forgetting of the password, the account holder may request the reset of his password from the Site. The customer also undertakes not to communicate this identification and password information to any other person, nor to lend, give, sell and, in general, put the account and/or the password disposal of a third party, for any reason whatsoever. Failing this, the company cannot be held liable in the event of fraudulent use of this information. In the event of fraudulent use of the Client’s Connection Identifiers due to fault or negligence attributable to the latter, or to one of the employees under his control or his hierarchical authority, the Client shall be liable to the Company for any loss or deterioration of data whatsoever, and more generally any damage suffered as a result of use of the service that does not comply with the rules laid down in these general conditions.

ARTICLE 3 – OPERATION OF THE SERVICE The service offered by the site aims to provide customers with training in the areas of well-being, development and personal support or any other areas previously prepared and recorded on video media by our Trainers and Partner Experts , and produced by our team of directors. Once an account has been created on the site, the customer has the option of subscribing to his registration: By choosing this option, the customer is required to subscribe to one or more courses given by one or more experts present on the platform. Once the course has been selected, the client is invited to: Pay by credit card the amount due for the course(s) selected. Fill in all the information necessary for the establishment of the invoice. Once the payment has been made and the personal information has been entered, the customer accesses his online course in video from 1H to 5H according to the online course broken down into several practical lessons of 8 to 15 minutes. The online course can be supplemented with additional resources distributed, among other things, in PDF format.

ARTICLE 4 – TRAINING AVAILABLE ON THE SITE The company HATAHE & CO reminds that all the training courses present on the site have only an informative value, intended for any interested person. The content of these training courses is not necessarily updated with the latest developments applicable in the field covered by the training. The User who uses the training made available does so at his own risk and knowingly. It is his responsibility to ensure that the information provided is accurate, up-to-date, and suitable for the purpose sought. The User is solely responsible for any damage that may occur as a result of the use of these trainings. ARTICLE 5 – ONLINE ORDERS 5.1 The formation of the contract between the company HATAHE & CO and the Customer takes place after the choice of an offer, the acceptance of these General Conditions, and after payment by credit card. Once payment has been made, HATAHE & CO undertakes to do its utmost to satisfy the customer’s requests, without however exceeding the framework set by these General Conditions of Use. The customer must exercise the best diligence to allow HATAHE & CO to process his order correctly. The customer must therefore transmit to the company HATAHE & CO any information necessary for the processing of his request when this is required. 5.2 The customer determines the type of training plan he wishes according to the possibilities offered and described within the site 5.4. Once the course has been cut, the Customer proceeds to payment for the selected plan and immediately receives an email confirming his order after payment.

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