Don't be afraid to fail.
Be afraid not to live by your full potential

Decide & take massive action

Our decisions shape what our private and professional lives will be like. Once we have made our decisions, what we need most is the energy to make them happen.

More Self Confidence & Mental Strength

Your mindset shapes the world you live in

Avec Bülent Turan

Get back to sleep and be full of energy!

Lack of sleep is the 1st significant sign of Burn Out

Avec Doctor François Duforez


Frequently asked questions

How long is the training available?

When you purchase a course, you have access to your personal space and to your course without time limit.

Who is Hatahe?

Hatahe is a training organisation specialising in personal development based on neuroscience.

What is different at Hatahe?

You are not what you know. You are what you do. The Hatahe platform offers you programmes with videos, but also practical rituals and personal tests.

Free your potential