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What you dream of is only up to YOU!

Bülent Turan

With Bülent Turan


Hatahe est un organisme de formation

Confiance en Soi & Force Mentale

690 €

21 jours

What benefits will you get?

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Training with certification in 21 days based on neuroscience

Access time: at any time on your personal space as soon as your registration is completed

  • Intro 1: Meet your speaker Bulent Turan
  • Intro 2 : How to prepare yourself to succeed this program 
  • Day 1: Who am I? State of affairs
  • Day 2: The superpower of introverts
  • Day 3: Defining self-esteem, confidence, and self-assertion
  • Day 4: The boundary of values, compromises, and learning to say no
  • Day 5: Defining your qualities, talents, and flaws
  • Day 6: Confronting your doubts, fears, rejection, and impostor syndrome
  • Day 7: Assessment – my new identity
  • Day 8: Defining your wheel of life
  • Day 9: How to set a desire, a goal, and an intention?
  • Day 10: The power of habits
  • Day 11: Taking action
  • Day 12: Staying motivated in action
  • Day 13: Mental preparation of high-performance athletes
  • Day 14: Assessment – my new daily life
  • Day 15: Personal branding, why is it so important?
  • Day 16: Creating the right environment, social detox
  • Day 17: Creating the right environment, networking
  • Day 18: Using neuroplasticity for vigilance and performance
  • Day 19: Emotions tool box
  • Day 20: Optimizing the body and mind – Gut Brain Connection
  • Day 21: Assessment – anchoring & celebration!

A space designed to reach your goals

where you want, when you want

What you get:

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In case of disability, please contact our customer service to determine the appropriate accessibility to the content of this training: hello@hatahe.com


Hatahe is a training organization

Self Confidence & Mental Strength

240 euros

21 days

Free your potential

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L’Index de Sévérité de l’Insomnie (ou ISI) est le test d’insomnie de référence dans la communauté scientifique du sommeil.

Sur une échelle de 7 questions, ce test permet d'évaluer la nature de l’insomnie, votre satisfaction par rapport à votre sommeil, votre fonctionnement au quotidien et votre degré d’anxiété par rapport aux troubles du sommeil que vous pourriez constater.

Le Dr François Duforez et ses équipes utilisent le test ISI pour estimer une dette de sommeil.